Concrete pumping - How does it work?

Sometimes getting your concrete isn’t as simple as placing the order because of access to your site. The area could be too tight to barrow, in a basement, high up above scaffold or even across steelwork. Either way you are going to need a pump to get that concrete to its desired location and we can help.

Our pumps come in two ways. The first is a boom pump which used to get ready mixed concrete up to high places. The second we offer is a line pump, which as the name suggests means we lay a long pipe down between vehicle and site so the pour is right where you need it.

Both types of pumps use powerful hydraulics to send the ready mixed concrete longer distances but we still maintain our high standards speed, cleanliness and no waste.

How much concrete do you need?

Use our calculator below to work our how much concrete you need and then get a price.

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